About Balneol®

Balneol® is the perfect remedy
for a private matter.

Though it’s not a topic often discussed, millions of Americans experience anal or vaginal discomfort, dryness or sensitivity. This may be an embarrassing situation but the causes are quite common including illness, medical treatment, lifestyle choices and natural body changes like pregnancy or aging.

Why would you need a cleanser for “down there”?
There are several conditions that lead to discomfort “down there” such as diarrhea, hemorrhoids, yeast infections and dry or chafed skin. There are plenty of medicated ointments and wipes to treat these conditions, but Balneol is specially designed to cleanse, soothe and moisturize this very sensitive area.

For more than 30 years, doctors, nurses, surgeons and gastroenterologists have been recommending Balneol, an over-the-counter perianal cleansing lotion, due to its proven track record of providing real long-term relief for an embarrassing but common problem. Balneol is a soothing lotion that cleanses and relieves discomfort of the external perianal and vaginal areas.


Did you know…
Balneol® cleanses without the tugging you may experience with dry toilet paper.