Benefits of Balneol®

Once you’ve experienced the soothing relief of Balneol®, a multi-purpose lotion for “down there,” you’ll want to keep a bottle in every bathroom for those times when you need a gentle cleansing lotion. And lucky for you, Balneol can be purchased over-the-counter in the hemorrhoid care section at drug stores, grocery stores and super centers nationwide.


Balneol® Cleanses.

  • Silky lotion that allows gentle cleansing without the dry tug of plain toilet paper
  • Cleanses the area without water before applying medicated creams or gels

Balneol® Soothes

  • Gentle enough for the most sensitive areas
  • Provides relief from discomfort “down there”

Balneol® is Thorough.

  • Cleanses fecal residue or discharge without water
  • Forms a protective coating on sore, dry, irritated skin

Balneol® is Refreshing.

  • Moisturizes without a leaving a greasy residue
  • Does not sting
  • Does not thin the skin making an already bad situation worse

Balneol® is Convenient.

  • Can be used as often as necessary (unlike medicated products)
  • Convenience packet fits in your pocket or purse for travel