Where To Use Balneol®
There’s no delicate way to put it: Balneol® is designed for “down there.” “Down there” can refer to the vaginal area, for feminine cleansing. “Down there” can also be what doctors call the perianal or anal area, A.K.A. your bum, your bottom, your tush or your Nether-regions.

When do I use Balneol lotion?

Use Balneol when you go to the bathroom. Use every time you go to the bathroom, if you like. It’s non-medicated, so there’s no limit to how much you use or how often. You can even use it between trips to the bathroom. That’s up to you.

The uses for Balneol cover many scenarios of hygienic cleansing of the perianal and external vaginal areas, however, Balneol is intended for external use only. That means, Balneol does not belong anywhere inside you.


Did you know…
Balneol® is loved by men and women alike, and it is safe enough for use on children.