• What is Balneol?


    Balneol® is a hygienic cleansing lotion for the vaginal or anal area that:

    • Has been recommended by doctors and surgeons for more than 30 years
    • Gently, yet thoroughly, cleanses the skin of residue and soothes the perianal area
    • Requires no water or rinsing off
    • Moisturizes and soothes anal discomfort, including dry or chafed skin
    • Offers relief for vaginal discomfort or dryness
    • Can be used for cleansing before applying medicated creams or gels
    • Does not sting or thin the skin
    • Deposits a protective coating on the affected area
    • Can be used as often as necessary
  • Who needs Balneol?

    Anyone might need a soothing, multi-purpose lotion like Balneol® every once in a while.

    Anyone who has ever experienced a bout of diarrhea knows that frequent wiping with dry, scratchy toilet paper can make the area “down there” extra sensitive.

    But it’s not just handy for diarrhea!

    Balneol is used for many different occasions when irritation, discomfort or dryness of the anal or vaginal area occurs. Women love it during pregnancy, after childbirth and even during menopause. Runners love it to help relieve chaffing. And doctors trust Balneol enough to recommend it to their patients!

    Safe for the whole family to use — mom, dad or kids!

    Whether your discomfort is the result of digestive issues that cause diarrhea or constipation or it’s the result of life style choices or the normal physical changes of aging, Balneol is a soothing, cleansing lotion safe to use on the anal or vaginal areas.

  • How do I use Balneol?


    Using Balneol® is simple and convenient, whether you purchase the squeeze bottle or the pocket-sized work/travel packs.

    Directions for Use

    Apply Balneol to toilet paper and wipe.

    To cleanse after a bowel movement:

    Squeeze Balneol cleansing lotion onto toilet paper and wipe the area. Balneol is safe to use between bowel movements and at bedtime for additional comfort.

    For feminine cleansing:

    Apply Balneol lotion to a clean tissue and gently wipe and pat the external vaginal area. Repeat as frequently as necessary.

    For external use only.

    Caution: In all cases of rectal bleeding, consult a physician promptly. If irritation persists or increases, discontinue use and consult a physician. Keep this and all medications out of the reach of children. Use as often as necessary.

    Did you know…
    Balneol® convenience packets are small enough to fit in your purse or pocket. Great for travel, work and on-the-go.

  • Where can I find Balneol?


    No prescription necessary! Balneol® hygienic cleansing lotion can be purchased over the counter at drug stores, grocery stores and super centers across the nation or through several online retailers.

    Our newest product, Balneol® Convenience Packets, are available through select retailers including Harmon discount drug and Duane Reade, but can also be ordered through your pharmacist or online retailer.

    For a full list of retailers please visit the Where to Buy Balneol page.

    TIP! Because of its very unique use, you won’t find Balneol with all of the other lotions. And you won’t find it in the Feminine Care section either.

    Look for Balneol in the hemorrhoid care section.
  • How often can I use Balneol?


    The great thing about Balneol® lotion is that you can use it as often as necessary! If you’re lucky, you only need Balneol once or twice a year, but for those with digestive issues, Balneol cleansing lotion can be very handy in the bathroom year-round.

    Because it is non-medicated, you can use Balneol every time you use the bathroom.

    • first thing in the morning
    • for moisturizing between bathroom breaks
    • for soothing between bowel movements
    • to cleanse during bouts of diarrhea
    • at bedtime to ensure a comfortable, uninterrupted sleep
    Balneol is for anyone, any time!

    Balneol provides soothing relief to men and women, people with digestive issues, pregnant women, post-partum mothers, mature adults as well as kids. (Sorry Fido, you’ll have to get your own lotion.)

  • How is Balneol different from soap?


    Unlike soap, Balneol cleansing lotion does not require water. You apply it with toilet paper, but do not rinse it off.

    Because of its moisturizing qualities, Balneol will not dry out your skin like soaps can. It actually deposits a soothing and protective coating on the affected area, helping irritated skin heal.

    Did you know…
    Because Balneol® is non-medicated, you can use it as often as you like. It’s also perfectly safe to flush down the toilet.

  • When using the bathroom, do I need to wipe before applying Balneol?


    No, you do not need to wipe away fecal matter or discharge before using Balneol® hygienic cleansing lotion. That’s what Balneol was designed to do!

    To use: first squeeze out some Balneol lotion onto a clean piece of toilet paper. Next use the moistened toilet paper to wipe and clean the area.

    Wiping with Balneol will be smooth and soothing, as it eliminates the tugging you may experience with dry toilet paper. After wiping it is unnecessary to rinse off with water, and no need to wipe away excessive lotion.

  • Why doesn’t Balneol make wipes?


    Many very satisfied customers have written to us with recommendations, including turning Balneol® into wipes. We have researched creating Balneol lotion wipes, but discovered two major concerns:

    • In order to create Balneol wipes, the formula would have to be watered down. We do not want to alter the integrity of the trusted Balneol formula.
    • Wipes often clog toilets and cause plumbing issues.

    The great thing about using Balneol pocket-sized convenience lotion packets is that all you need is toilet paper! It’s easy to use as little or as much as you need.

    Did you know…
    You can safely flush toilet paper with Balneol® on it down the toilet without the worry of clogging. No embarrassment when you’re using a restroom on-the-go.

  • Do I need to rinse Balneol off with water?


    No. One of the reasons that Balneol® is so useful is that you do not have to rinse it off with water. That’s why people find the travel packets handy in a pinch.

    Discreet and effective

    Imagine using a public restroom — you can’t exactly get up and walk to the sink, can you? Balneol cleansing lotion is your secret weapon for public bathrooms and going on-the-go.

    Doctors have been recommending Balneol cleansing lotion as a hygienic solution to soothe and clean “down there” for more than 30 years because it effectively removes fecal matter without water.

    Easy to use!

    Simply squeeze a dollop of Balneol lotion onto toilet paper, wipe the area and flush! No special wipes, no water needed.

  • What is in Balneol?


    The main ingredients in Balneol hygienic cleansing lotion are:

    • water
    • mineral oil
    • propylene glycol and>
    • lanolin oil.

    Because the ingredients in Balneol are non-medicated, you can use it as frequently as you want or need to.

    For a full list of ingredients visit the ingredients page.