Cleansing and Pregnancy

Safe for use during pregnancy, Balneol® cleansing lotion keeps you fresh, clean and more comfortable as your body changes and grows.

Use Balneol to cleanse the vaginal area during pregnancy.

Balneol is a gentle and convenient solution to pamper you “down there” and clean any extra discharge. Using Balneol is easy: squeeze the lotion onto tissue or toilet paper and wipe. Use it as frequently as you experience dryness or discomfort or to simply freshen up.

Use Balneol to cleanse the perianal area before applying a medicated hemorrhoid treatment.

Hormonal changes during pregnancy slow intestinal activity and leave women with harder stools and constipation. At the same time, the additional weight of the growing baby often results in hemorrhoids. The strain of vaginal childbirth adds to the likelihood of a woman experiencing hemorrhoids during her lifetime.


Wiping with dry tissue can be painful when you have hemorrhoids. This is where Balneol can help! Silky smooth and soothing, a little Balneol lotion on some toilet paper is a much nicer solution for wiping. Balneol is also a hygienic cleansing lotion, so it can clean away fecal matter without excessive rubbing or water.

Moms love Balneol post-partum too!

For discomfort after a vaginal delivery, especially when an episiotomy is performed, many new moms use Balneol hygienic lotion to gently cleanse the vaginal tissue as it heals. Moms who experienced hemorrhoids during pregnancy may continue to experience them post-partum as well. Balneol is a gentle lotion formulated specifically for the external vagina, perineum and anus. Plus, it’s so gentle that you can use it on baby’s bottom too!