Feminine Cleansing

Even just a slight change in skin pH can lead to irritation, chaffing and dryness in the external vaginal area. Causes of skin sensitivity “down there” can include:

  • use of personal hygiene products (scented feminine sprays, powders or douches)
  • excessive washing or wiping
  • contraceptive products
  • hormonal changes
  • infections
  • stress
  • detergent or fabric softener

Cleansing with silky, cool Balneol® hygienic lotion is a great way to freshen up and feel more comfortable when dryness occurs. A little bit of Balneol lotion goes a long way: simply squeeze it onto toilet paper and wipe. It forms a protective, moisturizing layer while soothing dry, chaffed skin.

Vaginas love Balneol!

During menopause, lowered estrogen levels allow the vaginal wall to become thinner and less lubricated. This makes skin around the vagina more vulnerable to dryness and irritation. Menopause and the natural decrease in blood flow and gland activity in aging skin also makes women more vulnerable to dryness in the perianal area.

Some mature women also have to manage incontinence, and the extra moisture can cause irritation in the perianal area. In addition, hemorrhoids occur more commonly as we age or as body weight increases.

Balneol is a small, yet handy bottle of relief when it comes to cleansing and moisturizing “down there.”